Healthcare Providers

ZCP presently serves healthcare providers in New York’s five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, and parts of Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We provide:

  • An expanding selection of dermatology and oncology medications at $0 copay to your commercially insured patients.
  • A skilled staff of Medication Coordinators provide prior authorization assistance, allowing for doctors and their staff to spend more time with their patients.
  • ZCP Certified Participating Pharmacies that represent a consortium of well vetted privately owned pharmacies dedicated to the reform of patient care, from volume to value.

If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits we offer to you and your patients, then it’s time for you to meet your Account Manager and join the program, or better yet, start using the program TODAY by prescribing through one of our certified participating pharmacies. It’s that simple!

View ABOUT US for more details on the program.


There are…NO Fees…NO Pre-qualifying…NO Signup Necessary


EASY TO PRESCRIBE – You can easily send a prescription to a certified participating pharmacy. E-prescribe to ZCP, or contact the pharmacy by fax or phone.


SAVE TIME – Our Medication Coordinators can aid your office with prior authorization assistance, saving you time, energy, and resources.


PATIENTS WILL LOVE YOU – By using our $0 Copay Program, patients save money and have their medications hand-delivered to their door within 24 hours, guaranteed whether insurance covers it or not

What Doctors are Saying About Us

In the world we live in today we know how inaccessible and costly medications can be. ZCP has restructured how patients can save money on the prescriptions they need, by virtually paying $0 on most medications. This helps both me, the provider, and my patients, as I am able to prescribe the best medication to treat a condition without having to worry about the cost or access to my patients.

Brooklyn, NY

ZCP is a tandem of true human dedication and compassion with professionalism and expertise. The company serves as a bridge between prescribers, insurance companies, and patients at the times of healthcare chaos and uncertainty. ZCP provides a unique opportunity for my patients to obtain much needed medications with no out of pocket cost, while acting in the best interests of patients.

Bayonne, NJ

ZCP has taken a load off our shoulders! Cutting down on call backs and prior authorizations has made it easier for us to concentrate more on our patients. Their fast and efficient service is terrific!

Queens, NY

Ever since ZCP was introduced to our office, our patients are raving about the professional and prompt service of the participating pharmacies. They are grateful to ZCP for making it possible to have access to expensive medications at $0 copay. The ease of use and the many benefits of ZCP makes it a clear choice.

Manhattan, NY

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